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        初高中部 Secondary Program

        Fuzhou Lakeside International School is the premier educational opportunity for secondary students in Fuzhou.  Our experienced, enthusiastic staff brings a wealth of experience from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. FLIS teachers are licensed in the US, UK, China, and more in order to provide only the finest classroom instruction. Our small class sizes, ranging from 2 to 17 students, allow us to truly individualize the educational environment to individual learners’ tastes, needs, and dreams.  Each secondary student at FLIS is given a team of foreign and bilingual teachers to review progress, goals, and college preparation to ensure the doors of opportunity extend well beyond China to the entire world.  Staff work with students and parents every step of the way including transcript reviews, tutoring, college essay and application preparation, and character development.  Parents are included in this process through bilingual case managers tasked with communicating grades and progress on a weekly basis as well as frequent face-to-face meetings.


        Our individualized attention to students, case management teams, and English speaking environment accelerates English fluency and provides access to a truly immersive education that can only be found at the finest institutions in the United States.  By embracing the whole student and partnering with committed parents, we are preparing future leaders of our communities and global citizens we are proud to call our own.
        We invite you to join us to meet individually with teachers and administration to visit our campus and experience for yourself the difference FLIS can make.  

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