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        综述 Overview

        Fuzhou Lakeside International School

        Fuzhou Lakeside International School (FLIS) is founded in 2012 to offer international education program from Preschool to Grade 12. It is the only international school examined and approved by the Fuzhou Ministry of Education. The school is authorized to accept foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. FLIS employs foreign teachers who are predominantly certified in the U.S, U.K and Canada. All teaching staffs are required to hold valid teaching certifications and relevant professional degrees from highly recognized colleges and universities.

        福州西湖国际学校(Fuzhou Lakeside International School)创建于2012年,是福建省教育厅审批的福州市唯一一所美式国际学校。学校目前开设有幼儿园、小学、初高中各年级,拥有三十多位专业外教、四十多位双语助教组成的师资团队,为学生营造全英文教学环境,打造国际化、现代化、个性化的国际学校。

        办学理念 Educational Mission

        FLIS has developed a unique American curriculum in cooperation with Griggs International Academy that suits the particular needs of the modern global student, with specific focus on study and use of both academic and social English, exploring cultural awareness, and preparing for success as a global citizen.  

        FLIS will create students who achieve excellence through the integration of a challenging American curriculum, English environment, value based education and adherence to high standards of academics and behavior. We will maintain an environment which fosters responsibility, productive citizenship, and lifelong learning.



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