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        The FLIS library is a work in progress. We ask students and parents to realize that obtaining English books within China is not an easy task. We therefore depend heavily upon electronic resources. Any donations to our library will always be highly appreciated.

        As a rule we hope our library can be a safe haven for students wishing to extend their academic indulgences and we want to encourage reading as a lifelong fulfilment. The Library will be open from 8am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday to serve students and staff.

        School Library and iPad Rules:

          New Students will get their library cards in 2 weeks from the librarian after entrance.

           Resources of the library are not to be taken away without borrowing process.

           Most materials in the library are available for check out by students.

           Everyone can borrow 2 books one time

           Every book maybe kept for two weeks. If you want to keep it longer, you must renew it. 

           Books are to be returned on time. Late returns entail being fined.

           Loss of library card should be reported to the library teacher and application should be made for replacement. Replacement fee is 20RMB for each card.

           Loss of or damages done to the resources of the library are to be paid for in full.

           Silence must be kept in the library.

           Playing in the library is not allowed.

           Food and drink are not allowed in the library.

           The iPad is only available for academic purpose and not allowed to take out of the library. 

        *At the beginning of every school year, students need to pay for miscellaneous fee (1800RMB) in advance, which includes workbook fees, learning tool fees, reparations for book damaged or lost, and guarantees for textbook (500RMB). Please make sure the balance of account is no less than 500RMB. Students who haven’t paid for miscellaneous fee will not receive their study supplies.






        ? 在入学后,新生将在两周内由图书馆员处获得借阅卡。

        ? 图书馆内的资源,未经借阅程序不得带出。

        ? 图书馆内大部分资源都对学生们开放。

        ? 每个人都可以一次借阅两本书。

        ? 每本书可供借阅两周。若希望延长借阅期,请先办理续借手续。

        ? 请及时归还借阅的书籍。过期未还将被处以???。

        ? 若遗失借阅卡,请报告至图书馆老师处并申请挂失补卡。补卡费用为20/张。

        ? 丢失或对图书馆资源造成毁坏者,需全款赔偿。

        ? 在图书馆请保持安静。

        ? 在图书馆请勿打闹嬉戏。

        ? 在图书馆请勿饮食。

        ? 图书馆的iPad仅供教学目的使用,请不要将iPad带出图书馆。


        * 每学年需预交1800元学杂费用于学生的消耗品,包括练习册,学习工具,图书馆阅读书的遗失破损赔偿和500元教科书的担保金。请保证账户余额不少于500元。未缴纳学杂费的学生将无法领取相关消耗品。

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