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        Clubs & Activities

        FLIS maintains a full club system with the intent of enriching the core curriculum, offering opportunity for student leadership and community service, immersing the English usage program and developing skills and character in students. We always solicit assistance from parents and community members to enhance our club operations. 

        In general, clubs meet up to three times per week for up to nine weeks, after which students will rotate to one or more other set of clubs for the next nine weeks. Each club should have a specific target or goal for each nine weeks of its operation. These will be published on the school website. While students get the opportunity to choose some of their clubs, this option is sometimes limited due to club availability and size limits. Club offerings are based on resource availably and expertise of club sponsors. Each teacher at FLIS is expected to sponsor one or more clubs. Club sign up will take place on school orientation day each year.

        FLIS wants to reward students for their hard work in academic endeavors. By offering periodical rewards parties and events we hope to keep students motivated to achieve high results. FLIS also hopes to enrich academic content with education about western values and culture, so we like to offer a variety of events and competitions to foster student participation and leadership. FLIS has a multitude of activities and events outside of the classroom that are designed to foster student development. Examples include our club program with over 20 different activities (see below), regular parties, contests and assemblies, sports programs for Soccer and Basketball, student council, after school tutoring programs, as well as Summer and Winter break programs.

        FLIS 拥有完整的社团体系,意在丰富核心课程,为学生领导力和团体服务提供机会,推广英语使用并培养学生技能与个性发展。我们一直在征求家长和团体成员的协助,以加强社团活动的管理。 

        总体来说,社团活动频率多达一周三次,持续九周。此后学生可以选择同一社团,或在其他社团进行九周活动。 对于周期(九周)运营,每个俱乐部应有一个具体的目标或目的。这将发布在学校的网站上。 虽然学生有机会选择社团,但出于社团个数以及人数有限等原因,机会有限。社团供给视现有资源及社团赞助商的专业而定。我校每位老师都将负责一个或多个社团。社团报名将会在每一年的学校迎新日举行。


        http://http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/1fGbtMG90bvz5TqKpvDFkA 感恩节活动

        http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/DrohzKIa7fZztDAurpc0cw 万圣节派对

        http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Nt2EVB1MXYzu9OY07xbMTA 英语拼词大赛

        http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/YL1gluf3e1Wlmnrn20b99Q 科学实验成果展

        http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yR1fMh9kiVYxDYpDHmfLvw FLIS Talent Show 达人秀

        http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/KuEVvfEk4fXdDKF4E5LPyg 世界地球日活动:变废为宝作品赛 

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