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        Focusing丨明朗少女成长纪 恭喜FLIS姐妹花收获澳洲名校录取通知书!

        After Fuzhou Lakeside International School student Jeffrey received an acceptance letter from The University of Manchester at the end of last year, the good news came again this spring: our students Cindy and Smile both received acceptance letters from The University of New South Wales in Australia.

        Cindy and Smile have been studying at FLIS since the school was founded. It can be said that the FLIS family has watched them grow up! These two lively and bright sisters also brought vivid colors to the FLIS campus. They were the "main force" of various campus activities and performances. When these two girls performed on stage, everyone could always hear the audience cheering for their "senior sister". Over the years, the two were adored by many younger students because of their various talents. In the eyes of the teachers, Cindy, the elder sister, is a girl who is introspective and sets appropriate life goals. Her younger sister, Smile, can quickly master learning skills and has shown her excellent critical thinking ability in various projects. Looking back on the past eight years, Cindy is amazed at her own transformation: an introverted girl who gradually became outgoing and ambitious. The two sisters also praised FLIS for its teacher-student relationship and its fun learning approach: "compared with the previous education we’ve received, here the education concept is completely different and the learning attitude is very open, which allows us to absorb quickly and learn more, which we like very much."

        ▲ 姐妹俩的花艺、绘画作品。

        In addition to providing students with a first-class international education, FLIS encourages students to actively understand, explore, and integrate concepts into the real world, and to read and travel. Cindy and Smile have also left their footprints all over the world. Wherever they go, afterward they are willing to share what they’ve seen and heard with the FLIS team of college counselors to internalize it into a real spiritual enlightenment. After various considerations, the two sisters were very drawn to Sydney, a city with a pleasant climate and a strong ambience of literature and art. During their continuous study at FLIS, they became more and more determined to achieve their dreams for the future. After a thorough and detailed discussion with the help of FLIS counselors, they decided to start the next stage of their journey in Sydney, one of them majoring in design and the other majoring in education, at The University of New South Wales.

        ▲ 2018年末,Cindy与Smile作为FLIS代表队的一员参与ASDAN商赛。

        When talking about choice of future majors, they both mentioned the influence of FLIS teachers on them. Cindy especially expressed her gratitude to teachers like Dave, Jerry, and Hank in the art department: "my interest in design and painting was initially sparked by the art class provided by FLIS, which transformed me from a person who had no interest in painting to a person who would study design in the future. At the beginning of her consideration of college majors, Smile didn’t even consider education. However, after a conversation with her teacher, she understood the importance of teaching, so she chose education.

        就在不久前,喜报传来,两人如愿得到心仪大学的offer! 新南威尔士大学现为三个国际著名的研究型大学联盟组织(环太平洋大学联盟(APRU)、全球 科技大学联盟(GlobalTech)、Universitas 21)的成员大学之一。根据最新QS大学评级,综合研究、教学、创新、就业率、国际化等多元素综合考量,新南威尔士大学乃同时与麻省理工学院、国立首尔大学、蒙特利尔大学等世界顶尖学府并列的17所5星+大学之一。
        Not long ago, the good news came that the two sisters both got an offer from their first choice of universities! The University of New South Wales (UNSW; branded as UNSW Sydney) is an Australian public research university located in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. UNSW is one of the founding members of the Group of Eight, a coalition of Australian research-intensive universities, and of Universitas 21, a global network of research universities. It has an international exchange and research partnerships with over 200 universities around the world. Established in 1949, it is ranked 4th in Australia according to the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

        In this extraordinary journey, Cindy and Smile’s good news undoubtedly cheered us up, which cannot be separated from the efforts of students, the care and cooperation of parents, and the cultivation of teachers. Both students were thrilled to be accepted by the University of New South Wales, one of Australia's eight leading universities. In the face of the unknown university life, they have some worries, but also more expectations. "The university is a ship for me to move towards my goal," said Smile. "I am looking forward to the teaching style of the university, meeting more new friends, and getting in touch with new things. I hope to meet some old FLIS classmates in the same city!" Let us send our best wishes to the two sisters, hoping that they can continue to be just as lively and bright and inspire more potential in their future university life, and enjoy more magnificent scenery on an increasingly broad stage!

        Stay tuned. We will also bring more stories of FLIS graduates in the future...

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